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About Us

AgriPortal being a Non-Government Organization, shall be a one-stop agricultural solution in absolute fulfillment towards a transformed HEARTS of the nation.
Agriportal shall dedicate various resources to revive and renew the Agriculture Industry in the Philippines. It is designed to bring together various Faith-Based Communities into Agri-Enterprise and Agri-Business.


To be a one-stop agricultural solution in absolute fulfillment towards a transformed HEARTS of the nation.


Stakeholders with a renewed mindset in faith-based communities and linkages thru sustainable agricultural enterprises and technological advancement.

Our Core Values


We breathe honesty into our being when we communicate and share our advocacy with one another. Without compromise, we tell you what is doable and what is not.


We are committed to unleash our best with utmost excellence that is second to none, in achieving our goals and objectives.


We are accountable to God and to one another in all our dealings. Everything is in black and white.


We are resilient and able to withstand any challenges and to overcome any obstacles. We remain focused.


We are guided by the Word of God as the Truth at all times, as we are deeply rooted in His True Holy Scriptures.


We acknowledged that God owns everything and we are God’s good stewards carrying-out His Will in His Kingdom on Earth. We are caretakers of His abundance measured in accordance to His standards.

Our Objectives

Features of AgriPortal


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Components of the AgriPortal Project

The AgriPortal Business Model

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