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Natural Food-Grade
Ink for Meat Stamp

Author: Eunice Irish Garcia

“NaturInk is one of the most promising products that we have providing a safer and natural stamping ink to our meat suppliers and their consumers. Through our partnership with National Meat Inspection Service and the Department of Agriculture, this technology will help the agriculture and meat industry to go forward. ” Mr. Paul O’Dell, the Chief Operating Officer of DBI said.

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What makes up the best animal health booster?

Author: Eunice Irish Garcia

Synbiotic is the combined action of probiotics and prebiotics which is beneficial to the host by increasing the survival and deposition of viable microbiological nutritional supplements in the gastrointestinal tract. This action stimulates the growth and/or metabolism of beneficial live microorganisms. Their joint action on the animal body is much more effective than the use of probiotics or prebiotics alone.

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covid medicine

A COVID-19 Miracle Drug:
Can It Be VCO?

Author: Christine Lailani G. Rome

After 7 months of adjusting, struggling, surviving, and waiting, the country is now getting ready to go back to normal when the GCQ is lifted. This, despite the looming threat of COVID-19 in the absence of a vaccine and the number of new positive cases recorded per day albeit a slight decline as shown in the DOH COVID-19 Case Tracker.

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